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Visit to an exhibition on ‘Children’s Rights’

The exhibition on ‘Children’s Rights’ by the townhall of Boulogne Billancourt was a great opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about the various rights children have.

From the most basic ones like- the right to safety, health, education, freedom to the ones more relevant to the present like- the right to an unpolluted earth, a fair and just society, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Children are entitled to information. They also have the right to form and express their opinion, which sometimes adults tend to forget. 

As advanced societies continue to broaden the scope of children’s rights, it is very unfortunate that there are places in the world where children must fight and struggle for their basic rights.

The exhibition also featured impressive art works by children. As countries struggle to cope with the enormous amount of waste generated each day, the children inspired us with their artwork made from used articles like plastic bottles, cans and wastepaper; to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We thank the town-hall for having organised this exhibition which served as an eye opener for our children and for us.

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The cooperative tree of the school

The cooperative tree of the school finally came to fruition. In other words, the kids at last finished the tree they had been painting for days.

Although it was inspired from a model the maitrise found for them, the result turned out to be somewhat original and abstract. They took a bit of artistic liberty, may be a lot, but you know what… creativity should not be contained:)

Voila! The tree of école cooperative…

Our little artists at work…

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After School Care Activity- Collage making

Last Wednesday’s activity was fun. The task was collage and the theme was butterfly. The kids had to make a collage art of butterfly with colour papers. I made a model collage and asked the kids to choose their own style and colours.

One kid with her unerring sense of beauty created a visually pleasing butterfly with blue and white colours.

Another kid’s swift work with scissors rendered a more angular butterfly in line with the style of Cubists.

Yet another’s contemporary style collage is more abstract.

All three impressive in their own style.

Good work kids!

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Niranjana, our English teacher

Niranjana is a passionate teacher, artist, poet.

She is Excited to begin her teaching experience in France and to introduce the children to the language that she adores, which will open the doors to the rest of the world - English; and to help them explore their creativity through art and writing and make them receptive to new ideas and possibilities.