The exhibition on ‘Children’s Rights’ by the townhall of Boulogne Billancourt was a great opportunity for children and adults alike to learn about the various rights children have.

From the most basic ones like- the right to safety, health, education, freedom to the ones more relevant to the present like- the right to an unpolluted earth, a fair and just society, non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Children are entitled to information. They also have the right to form and express their opinion, which sometimes adults tend to forget. 

As advanced societies continue to broaden the scope of children’s rights, it is very unfortunate that there are places in the world where children must fight and struggle for their basic rights.

The exhibition also featured impressive art works by children. As countries struggle to cope with the enormous amount of waste generated each day, the children inspired us with their artwork made from used articles like plastic bottles, cans and wastepaper; to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We thank the town-hall for having organised this exhibition which served as an eye opener for our children and for us.

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