The halls of école cooperative were filled with the spirit of Christmas today as we celebrated the birth of Christ with a brilliant spectacle by the children. The audience was the parents.

The parents first took a tour around the halls and classrooms which were decorated for Christmas by the children. They had a small breakfast as the children got ready for their performances. There was plenty of excitement, a bit of nerves and of course lots of Christmas magic!

The spectacle started with a short play based on the children’s book ‘le gros navet’ (the big turnip). Two kids played an elderly couple, and the others played different animals who would help the couple with harvesting a giant turnip. The play was humorous and was enjoyed greatly by both the audience and the actors.

Then it was time for some dancing! The children looked smart in their hats as they danced lively to the ‘Dans le port de Tacoma’. At the last minute, the teacher had to step in, as one child’s partner was unable to come. Well, anything is possible in the life of a teacher!

After the dance, the singing began…

When the children sang ‘the brown bear, brown bear what do you see?’ song, some of them took their respective animal characters quite seriously and dressed up in animal costumes. But the credit goes solely to the children’s parents and grandparents, who had put in a lot of effort for the costumes- especially for the mask and wings for the red bird and the tail for the blue horse. Thank you, parents!

The English song was followed by the French song ‘ma foret’ by Henri Dès. But no Christmas Spectacle would be complete without Christmas carols. The school halls reverberated with a spirited rendition of ‘vive le vent’ and ‘Jingle bells’ by the children.

Thus, came to an end the Christmas spectacle, after days of rehearsals and anticipation. Now it is time to look forward to the festival itself… école cooperative takes this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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