La Chandeleur (Candlemas) traditionally celebrated to mark the end of winter and the return of spring, and in religious context as the last feast of the Christmas season, is also known as the day of crepes. As a fertility rite, people make crepes, the roundness and golden colour of which symbolises sun, and not to mention the popular belief that if you can hold a coin in one hand and can flip a crepe with the other, you will be prosperous through out the year.

The Chandeleur celebration took place this week at école cooperative. The preparation started with the teacher giving the children a printed crepe recipe. They learned the recipe and were prepared to make crepes. The day before the celebration, they made a grocery shopping list for buying the crepe essentials.

A field trip was planned to take the children grocery shopping to the nearby supermarket. With the list in hand the children embarked on a shopping adventure, manoeuvering the aisles of the supermarket like pros, picking up cans of milk, flour, eggs and strawberry jam.

With the shopping done, it was time to make the crepes. As per the recipe, the little chefs measured their ingredients and prepared the crepe batter, with little help from adults. They even aced the egg cracking, much to the surprise of adults.

And finally it was time to make the crepes and eat them😊 Bon appetit!!!

Our thanks to the children’s parents who had volunteered to assist in the process.

Our little chefs at work…