A lot of work goes into running a restaurant. It is in fact one of the most stressful businesses to run. As the goal of education is to prepare the children to face real life challenges, we gave our children a chance to run their own mock restaurant.

We split the children into two teams and each team had the opportunity to run their restaurant while the other team played the role of customers. They had to come up with a name for their restaurant and prepare their own menu.

One team named their restaurant ‘Hotdog lunch’ and the other ‘Paradis de Paris’. They arranged and set the tables neatly with improvised plates and cutlery. They discussed in teams and assigned the roles themselves- chef, waiter, cashier.

As the cutlery and food had to be improvised, it brought out their creativity and out of the box thinking. It was interesting to see them use kapla as cutlery and lego pieces to create beautiful dishes.

They also learned the challenges of the job, as one customer sent back a plate to the kitchen. The dish was remade, and the customer was ultimately satisfied.